What are the benefits of mindfulness with compassion?

Research published by the University of Oxford in November 2013 examined the effects of a mindfulness course for 273 people, and showed after one month:

  • reduction in anxiety levels 58% 58%
  • reduction in depression 57% 57%
  • reduction in stress 40% 40%

Professional benefits

photo of woman's hand typing on computerI believe that the best way to develop a high-performance business in the long term is to develop a caring, high-trust, relationship-centric culture. These cultures nurture a sense of purpose, connection, and compassion, where the business results are a consequence enjoyed when leaders and teams practice the primary goal of building a caring community every day. This is quite a paradigm shift from the command and control ethos that tradition has handed us down.

  • Enhance teams for high-performance
  • Relationship-centric culture
  • Sense of shared purpose
  • Inspires voluntary commitment
  • Resilience to reduce stress
  • Greater focus, clarity and creativity
  • Engenders initiative and responsibility
  • Builds a caring community
  • Effective leaders, managers and workers

Further studies into the role of mindfulness in the workplace are showing that it could improve productivity, decrease sickness absence and generally improve workplace well-being.

There is nothing under heaven that can buy voluntary commitment.  You can buy a person’s hands and back, but not their heart and mind.

Stephen Covey

Author of 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'

Personal benefits

happy_peopleAccording to the Mental Health Foundation, studies looking at the effectiveness of mindfulness have reported the following benefits:

  • Feel whole–hearted & happier
  • Improved relationships
  • Chronic pain alleviation
  • Resilience and balance
  • Dozens of health benefits
  • Addiction / eating disorder support
  • Supports sleep and lifestyle benefits
  • Be more centred & grounded
  • Promotes creativity
  • Meaning & purpose
  • Reduce depression, anxiety and stress

The evidence has been so strong in fact that nearly three-quarters of GPs have said they feel all patients would benefit by learning mindfulness meditation.

I am riding the wave of whole embodiment, knowing there is so much more to it and content to sit with what I have learnt and fully immerse myself in being able to REALLY BE with myself for the first time in my life!



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