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woman meditatingMeditation is one of the most direct and effective strategies for personal growth and anyone can learn. It is well researched that even if you meditated for 20 mins/day, you would reap multiple health benefits, and areas of the brain reconfigure in as little as 6 – 8 weeks, bringing you major shifts in wellbeing and vitality.

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Mindful self-compassion counselling

Mindful-Self-compassion-CounsellingThis process is gentle, respectful, and empowering, offering relief and optimism for real shifts towards balance, ease of mind and constructive changes.  The session will be centred around your needs, and what is alive in you in the moment.


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Mindfulness for health

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Pain, anxiety, stress and misery can be the result of physical chronic conditions and illness.  The huge personal benefits you can get from mindfulness for health includes a tremendous sense of relief that there is a complimentary way to approach your dilemma.

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 Mindfulness for stress


Mindfulness offers us a means to shift towards a quality of being that is grounded, spacious, with more ease of mind, and choice in how to respond in any situation despite the circumstances we may find ourselves in.


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Focusing is innately mindful and compassionate, subtle and profound. This amazing process offers a unique and powerful way of connecting with those parts of you most needing attention in a way that is respectful and gently transformative.  

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Mindful Self-compassion Counselling

Mindful self-compassion counselling gently eases and transforms to empower you to a quality of wholeness and wellbeing.

Suitable for anxiety issues, depression, grief, break ups, emotional and mental distress, stress, fear, and isolation.

This counselling will offer you

  • Compassionate breathing space and time out
  • A way forward to meet your needs for wholeness, safety, peace and many other positive emotions
  • A space to meet your needs in a self-compassionate way as they present themselves in the moment
  • A space of safety, respect and trust where you can share your experience, and what matters to you
  • A means to identify what is important to you and set new life directions accordingly
  • Strict confidentiality

The approaches for this counselling are

  • Self compassion techniques for soothing, calm and wholeness
  • Guided mindfulness body scans for ease and presence
  • Self compassion meditations for positive heart connection
  • Mindful movements for self awareness, flow and movement
  • Compassionate empathy for genuine connection
  • Compassionate communication focusing on feelings and needs not blaming or judging
  • Mindfulness and compassion based practical skills and approaches
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Either in person, by Skype, or on the phone – at a time or place most convenient for you. Sessions are an hour long.

Meditation one-to-one

Meditation empowers us with immediate access to the potential of what it means to be truly human. Meditation One to one offers skills and supports to develop and maintain an effective meditation practice.


Mindfulness and compassion meditation benefits

  • Enhanced Mental Agility
  • Offers relaxation, Peace and Wellbeing
  • Improved Clarity and Focus
  • Builds Self-confidence and Self Esteem
  • Increased Creativity
  • Enhances Energy, Strength & Vitality
  • Offers Direction and Purpose
  • Quality Sleep
  • Reduces Anxiety Attacks (lowers the levels of blood lactate)
  • Improved Perception, Memory and Intelligence
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Slowing of Aging Process
  • Helps with Weight Loss
  • Enhances a Spiritual Awareness
  • Aids Freedom from Addictions
  • Better Work Performance
  • Improved Relationships
  • Improved all-round Health
  • Increases Serotonin the Feel good hormone (low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, headaches and insomnia)

What skills and practices does meditation offer?

  • Mindfulness based practical skills and approaches for everyday life
  • Body scans and guided meditations
  • Mindful movement and whole body movement
  • Soothing and calming techniques
  • Whole body awareness and development practices and approaches


Either in person, by Skype, or on the phone – at a time or place most convenient for you. Sessions are an hour long 

Meditation Courses: meditation instruction can also be offered in course format

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The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime
Sogyal Rimpoche

Simply let experience take place very freely, so that your open heart is suffused with the tenderness of true compassion
Tsoknyi Rinpoche

 Mindfulness for health

Is your life made miserable or challenging through persistent pain, illness or a stress related condition?

Learn how to

  • Vastly improve the quality of your life and your health
  • Manage pain, anxiety and stress
  • Find relief and vitality despite your condition
  • Develop loving kindness for comfort and soothing
  • Create ease and spaciousness around the condition
  • Practice ‘mindful movements’ for grounding and centring
  • Develop peace of  mind and choice through the breath
  • Practise the Mindfulness meditation
  • Increase an emotional resilience and outlook


Who is it for?

Mindfulness for Health is going to be a powerful support whatever condition you have (for example, cancer, MS, arthritis, nervous issues and many more conditions)

This course is also for care workers who support those who are suffering, equipping them with some great tools for managing pain and chronic health issues, and also for themselves to enable a more resilient and enjoyable work experience


The Breathworks approach to Mindfulness-Based Pain Management (MBPM) is the most comprehensive, in-depth, scientifically up-to-date and user-friendly approach to learning the how of living with chronic pain and reclaiming one’s life that I know of.
Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Earlier this year, a study conducted by Wake Forest Baptist University found that meditation could reduce pain intensity by 40 percent and pain unpleasantness by 57%. Morphine and other pain-relieving drugs typically show a pain reduction of 25%.

Watch a video featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn, leading expert and pioneer in mindfulness training

Mindfulness for stress reduction

Life can often feel stressful and challenging, even frantic, and sometimes it can feel as if that’s the only way it is! As Jon Kabat-Zinn is quoted as saying; ‘You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf!

The Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress course offers us a way of surfing the frantic waves of life.

This course will give you the tools to:

  •  Respond creatively in situations rather than overwhelm
  • Have a quality of spaciousness and mental ease
  • Help you develop an even keel though stormy seas
  • Cultivate a quality of self care and emotional warmth to sustain you
  • Feel calmer, happier with more choice


The course includes:


  • Mindfulness sitting Meditation
  • A host of Mindfulness practices for everyday living
  • An emphasis on body and breath awareness for calming and grounding
  • Learning and exploring mindfulness interactively and playfully in a friendly group context



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‘You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf!’

Jon Kabat-Zinn





Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing may be described as:

Coming home to yourself. Discovering within you that which is innate and welcoming, in which there is often a deep sigh of relief and the open space of Ok-ness with whatever if present in you.  Focusing offers a doorway to the heart home of your being, and with it a new lease of care-free living.

Learning how to abide in the home of your being and in presence is really the theme of the workshop, or one to one session.



Focusing will teach you how to

  • Befriend and soothe hurt, scared or anxious parts of yourself
  • Say ‘Hello’ to whatever is present within you
  • Become more at ease and carefree by ‘clearing a space’
  • Invite the light in – qualities you would like more of
  • Increase your intuitive, spontaneous side
  • Make more balanced, integrated and fruitful decisions
  • Develop a more grounded, intuitive and creative sense of yourself
  • Develop a heightened sensitivity to your and others’ needs
  • Manage your stress levels towards greater wellbeing and wholeness
  • Be congruent and authentic to your deeper sense of who you are

Focusing was developed on the basis of research by Eugene Gendlin and Carl Rogers in the 1960s when they were trying to understand if success in psychotherapy could be predicted.  What they discovered was that change for a client was more likely if the client was more connected to their inner experience as it happened in the moment, with all its ambiguity, and not just expressing intellectual judgments and causes of their behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

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Watch a video introducing Focusing by its creator


Your physically felt body is in fact part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people – in fact, the whole universe.

Eugene Gendlin in ‘Focusing’