Interesting and enlightening; a new experience which has positively influenced my communication skills.

Malcolm Timmins

Head of Histopathology Dept. , Stepping Hill Hospital

As a result, I feel more focused and motivated – and generally happier at work.

Alison Rush

English Nature

Placed work issues in a new light. I was able to step back and focus on important aspects of my work – my whole attitude and approach.

Karen Davies

Head of Speech and Language Therapy

The coaching has increased my capacity to focus on whatever I’m doing and work more efficiently and with a more sustained and reliable input.

Margot Butterworth

Cambridge University Press

This group is very heterogenous and demands sophisticated teaching skills – we both found the approach engaging and innovative, which succeeded in creatively combining theory and practice.  A number of students specifically mentioned these sessions as having altered their views of research.

Professor Jill Preston & Dr Bronwyn Rees

Anglia Polytechnic University

A very good style with well presented content.  The Coach put everyone at ease and stretched them just enough.


Derek Budd

Community Education, Cambridge County Council

This coaching will effect all areas of my work – my own team, leading other AHPs and representing AHPs.


Tina Quinn

Airdale Acute Trust

The skilled, helpful and non-judgmental approach of the coaching, and the support of colleagues in the group, was of great benefit. This is a method I recommend.


Irene Cunningham

Physiotherapy Manager, Royal Oldham Hospital

The audience of 30 people were all trainers and facilitators themselves….They managed the session very well and the feedback from the group was excellent and I would definitely use him again.

Gabriella Worth

Project manager, O2 Partnership

They have the ability to explore with their clients what the theory might mean for them personally and how to adapt it to real life situations.  Their use of a mixture of theory, small groups and experiential work was most successful.

Doctor, St Nicholas Hospice, Bury St Edmunds

I feel this coaching has helped me make significant progress in my development.

Lucie Anderson-Wood

Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

Admirable ability to change their material according to the issue arising.


Patricia Gale

Cambridge County Council